BIB-106 Covenant Term Paper Part I: Scripture Analysis

Use this worksheet to complete the Topic 1 “Covenant Term Paper Part I: Scripture Analysis” assignment. In this assignment, you will answer questions about each of the following five Old Testament covenants using Scripture from the Old Testament.
• The Noahic covenant
• The Abrahamic covenant
• The Mosaic/Sinai covenant
• The Davidic covenant
• The New covenant
Type directly onto this template, and submit it for your assignment. Do not put quotes of the Scripture passages in your answers to the questions. Instead, summarize and analyze the passages about each of the covenant. Your answers to the questions should come from your reading of, and reflection on, the biblical texts.
The Noahic Covenant
Read the following passages about the Noahic covenant: Genesis 6:17-18 and Genesis 8:2-9:17.
Answer each question below, typing the answer to each question directly beneath each question. The answers to all three questions must be 150-200 words combined.

1. What are the main aspects of the Noahic covenant?

2. What do these passages about the Noahic covenant tell you about God’s relationship with people?

3. How does the Noahic covenant relate to the other covenants?

The Abrahamic Covenant


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