Basic Addition Fact Strategies

There are 100 basic facts, that is, the facts of single digit plus single digit.  Since about half of them are just the same fact turned around (e.g., 5+3 and 3+5), there are approximately 55 facts.

There are seven (7) strategies that you will use for this assignment. You will take the approximately 55 facts and put them under one (ONLY ONE) strategy that you think it would make sense for helping to learn that fact. There are several strategies that make sense for some facts, but only write each fact down only once.  The categories are similar to the ones that Van deWalle uses, but with slightly different names. You have an example for each one below.( I wrote this Section)

Briefly describe how you would teach two of these basic fact strategies. ( please write this section)

Doubles  (4+4)

Doubles +1  (4+5)

+0 (4+0)

+1 (3+1)

Counting Up (or Two More Than)  (7+2)

Makes 10 (2+8)

Decompose (8+5) = 8+2+3          [Show both parts]


HINT: Consider creating a table with each of the seven (7) strategies at the top of each column (You may have a different way to present it though…feel free to be creative). So on your paper, you should have each of the seven strategies and which of the 55 facts you believe could best fit with each strategy.

RESOURCE: Here is a site with a variety of fact worksheets Links to an external site. . You might find the full site useful too:


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