Assessment 2

Assessment 2

prepare a proposal for the evaluation of
the ‘evaluand’ identified in Assignment 1.

• The evaluation proposal is to be written as a plan for the actual conduct of an evaluation involving you as a central figure in the conduct of the evaluation.

• The evaluation plan you develop should include consideration of:

• ?The overall purpose of the evaluation (understanding or making

• The major focus of the evaluation – what is to be studied and the
kinds of issues the evaluation will address;

• The approach together with an accessible statement on why this
particular approach is being used;

• Means of gathering information and evidence;

• Methods for analysing evidence (data) to produce findings;

• The likely form of the final report and the dissemination of findings
and key audiences;

• Issues likely to arise in the course of the evaluation;

• Who will participate and how they will be selected and approached
to be involved;

• The likely time commitments of informants and other participants;

• The principles of procedure and ways in which confidential
information will be treated

• Strategies for ameliorating tensions between evaluation processes
for improvement and evaluation procedures for accountability; and

• The consistency of the approach with notions of inclusivity, staff
development practices and the facilitation of quality assurance


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