Article review

Article review

It should also include the following information:

1. What is the purpose ofthe article/chapter?

2. What research does it detail?


What literature does it spring from?

4. What data has been used and how was it collected? 5. What conclusions are reached?

5. Why did you

choose this article?

7. What do you think of


Keeping in mind that the point ofthe

exercise is NOT simply to review or summarise the reading but to REFLECT ON IT, those students who engage in critical analysis and discuss
the reading with reference to other relevant theories/concepts will likely achieve higher marks than those who do


Criteria and


1. Knowledge and understanding ofthe nature of heritage;

2. Astute and well informed observations ofthe core arguments in

each reading;

3. Analysis ofthe readings’ utility for studying and understanding heritage

4. Structure and flow (including clarity,

accuracy and standards of written expression)

5. Effective

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