Argumentative Synthesis

Argumentative Synthesis
Bias in the news media;News media assumptions about language and discourse.And compare them. Explain your reasoning and provide examples from the essays to illustrate your points.

Remember the points of comparison should concern the structure and/or approach of each essays argument.

The introduction will introduce the two essays and will include your thesis statement (the claim you intend to support).
The body of the essay will present reasons and evidence (from the essays) in support of your own position.
The conclusion will restate your thesis and provide a sense of closure.
For this essay assignment I will be evaluating you on the following criteria:

-Does the essay follow the instructions in the prompt?

-Does the essay have a clear thesis statement?

-Does the essay correctly cite outside sources?

-Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence?

-Is the essay organized in a clear, logical manner?

-Is the essay free of major grammatical errors and typos?


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