Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part One

You will complete the title page, introduction, and challenges sections of your best practices handbook this week.To begin, create a title page that specifies the choices you have made regarding audience and setting. You can design this title page as desired, however be sure to identify the audience and setting for the handbook (e.g.: A Home, School, and Community Partnership Handbook for __________ in _________).

Next, complete the “Introduction” section. Write a 1- to 2-paragraph introduction to educational partnerships geared toward your chosen audience and setting. Include what the purpose of this handbook is, what characterizes educational partnerships in your chosen setting, and, briefly, why educational partnerships in this setting are beneficial. If you have chosen other specifications for your setting—for example, an inner city school or a program in a rural farming community—you may want to include details about this as well.

Then, complete the “Challenges” section. In this section, identify at least three specific challenges that a professional in your chosen setting might encounter when forging educational partnerships. For each challenge, provide at least one recommendation for overcoming it.Assignment length: Title page: 1 page; Introduction: 1/2–1 page; Challenges: 2–3 pagesNote: Please keep in mind that the assignment length is intended to serve as a general guide. Depending on how you choose to use formatting, fonts, charts, bullets, graphics, etc. in your handbook, actual page lengths in your handbook may vary upward or downward.

This assignment is due in 12 hours or less

APA format please and all orignial work

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