APA Format must have studied criminal justice (Juvenile Delinquency)

1 to 2 pages max each topic

·         Measuring Delinquency

What are some of the reasons that have been advanced for racial and ethnic differences in delinquency? Why is the link between race and delinquency controversial? Does controversy similarly characterize the links between age, gender, and social class and delinquency? Why?

·         Choice and Biological Theories

Children with ADHD are often difficult to parent and educate because of their consistently disruptive behavior. Should ADHD children be medicated to control their behavior? What are the benefits and costs of medicating children?

·         Psychotically Theories

Even if violent media images contribute to delinquency, what can be done about them? Should video games and violent R-rated movies be banned? Who decides which material is appropriate and which material should be censored? Could this practice lead to problems that are greater than juvenile delinquency itself?

·         Sociological Theories; Cultural Deviance, Strain, and Social Control

Some Criminologist believes that children with low self-control are more likely to commit crime. What does this perspective suggest about the chances of rehabilitation or positive change for delinquents?

·         Sociological Theories; Labeling and Conflict

Do some delinquents deserve to be shamed and ostracized because of their illegal behavior? Isn’t it helpful for society to have a class of outcast as a stern reminder of what is appropriate and lawful behavior?

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