Antimicrobial Resistance and its implications in medicine.

Research paper (3-4 page not including title page) should contain (See the rubric for details)
• Title page (Separate page)
• Introduction: One paragraph introducing the topic and its importance
• Body: Information you gathered on the topic (what is it, what are the causes, what are the mechanisms, any statistics on the depth of the problem in USA) from different resources in an organized manner
• Discussion/Conclusion: Discussion based on your interpretation of the facts presented, what are the solutions.
• Bibliography
Must use resources
Must watch Videos from the Library Films on demand section. (Go to – Academics- Libraries- Films on Demand- Sign in and Search Antibiotic Resistance) and read the article given in the link.
1. Video -Antibiotic Resistance –Catalyst( 29.42min)

3. Read this article
Recommended resources
1. You can also use other resources such as articles from scientific Journals such as Scientific American, Nature, Microbiology and Immunology
2. Information from Websites, CDC, NIH, website address ending in .gov or .edu (websites address ending are not acceptable)
Use the resources for information and develop a 3 -4 page research paper with what you learned from these resources. DO NOT CUT and paste information. Assignment is submitted through safe assign in Blackboard and will be checked for plagiarism)

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