For this assignment, consider the following selections from our anthology, The Norton Reader, 13th edition, to which to give your personal response: Gates 260-6, Naylor 420-3, Kingston 401-5, Rodriguez 405-11, Anzaldúa 411-20, and Rose 393-400. Write

1. Demonstrate close study and knowledge of the work(s) you are discussing. That means being very specific and clear. Be very specific and descriptive with regard to your own experiences as well.

2. Your essay should contain and discuss specific references to the selected text in the form of paraphrase, quotation, and (brief) summary. Avoid longer summaries.

3. While your discussion should make the context of your specific references clear, also make use of a number of parenthetical references to specific paragraphs. Example: (par. 5) Include a Work(s) Cited page at the end.

-Demonstrate a close familiarity with the text or texts. This requires reading the piece a number of times, as well as marking and annotating your copy of the work.

Remember what we have said about effective introductions, conclusions, and body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be clearly focused and unified around one main point you are making and that point should be well-developed with specific detail.

Tips: First mention of author or other personage, full name. Thereafter use last name or pronoun (provided pronoun has a clear, unambiguous antecedent).

*Essay should be double-spaced everywhere throughout, with last name and page number in the upper right corner. Font: TNR 12.5 everywhere, including in your header, as usual.

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