Answer the following questions below consisting of 500–750 words PER QUESTION.

Answer the following questions below consisting of 500–750 words PER QUESTION.

  • Some answers will require a paragraph-style response, whereas others will be best answered with a table or bullet points. Use the style that is most appropriate for the specific question.
  • Each answer must be supported by references to at least 2 peer-reviewed sources and 1 biblical integration.
  • Use proper grammar and current APA format.


Reference to Business Research Methods book by Donald Cooper and Pamela Schindler for help



5.6 – You have been approached by the editor of Gentlemen’s Magazine to carry out a research study. The magazine has been unsuccessful in attracting shoe manufacturers as advertisers. When the sales force tried to secure advertising from shoe manufacturers, they were told men’s clothing stores are a small and dying segment of their business. Since Gentlemen’s Magazine goes chiefly to men’s clothing stores, the manufacturers reasoned that it was, therefore, not a good vehicle for their advertising. The editor believes that a survey (via mail questionnaire) of men’s clothing stores in the United States will probably show that these stores are important outlets for men’s shoes and are not declining in importance as shoe outlets. He asks you to develop a proposal for the study and submit it to him. Develop the Management-Research Question Hierarchy that will help you to develop a specific proposal.


5.12 – Develop the management–research question hierarchy (Exhibits 5-6 and 5-8), citing management dilemma, management question, and research question(s), for each of the following:

  1. The president of a home health care services firm.
  2. The vice president of investor relations for an auto manufacturer.
  3. The retail advertising manager of a major metropolitan newspaper.
  4. The chief of police in a major city.
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