ANMC domains

domains in order to identify why and how nurses need to be cultural sensitive when caring for this patient who you can decide could t
non-English speaking background (ARABIC). (10 minutes)

Refer to the ANMC domains in order to identify and discuss why and how nurses need

to practice in relationship to legal and lor ethical issues and to refer to either a health topic or an incident relevant to either a
maternity (eg l/F) or paediatric eventls (eg medication error). (10 minutes)

The tutorial presentation is to be interactive with the

audience but based on sound knowledge and research based evidence and demonstrate correct APA format for in- text and end-text

Evidence of research, using a variety of current credible resources

This will be a total of 20 mins, a power point

type slide show is acceptable however the presentation may be as creative as you like.

A lesson plan and copy of any power points or

any handouts is required to be presented to the tutor on the day of your presentation

Review the marking criteria to achieve maximum marks
for this assessment.

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