Analyzing Digital Sources

Assignment 1: Analyzing Digital Sources
Choose a news source reporting on an event you find interesting or relevant. This source can
be “standard” news, parody news, or news posted to a discussion forum. Your sources are likely
to have multimodal (multiple modes of communication) components, so make sure to analyze
all of the ways the message is conveyed.


In addition, you will want to include the comments on the source posted by “regular” internet
users. How do these comments add to, take away from, or change the relevance of the event
being reported?
You may include your personal opinion if you choose to do it – keep in mind, however, that this
may call your ethics as a composer into question if you appear to be too biased about your
? use academic analysis techniques to discuss a digital text
? articulate how “community journalism” can alter the meaning of an event
? make choices about the best ways to design and present critiques
? Written product should be double-spaced, 10-12 pt. font.
? Analysis should be a minimum of 2 ½-3 pages. This means that this is the length
of the text itself, not the text plus any extra media you add.
? Format should be either standard paper (with included media links/screenshots/

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