Analytical Essay

Write an analytical essay (750-1150 words, or roughly 2-3 pages) based on the following topic: In her personal essay titled “More and More,” how do you explain Evelyn Lau’s addictions apart from medical reasons or the relationship with her parents? Why?

  1. You must
    Lau’s essay at least twice in your paper. Insert a correct in-text citation
    after a quotation. A correct in-text citation, for instance, should be (Lau, 2001, p. 91).
    Do not summarize Lau’s essay at length or include a long quotation without any analysis.
    Instead, you must provide an in-depth analysis of Lau’s essay. See some tips about “close
    reading” here:
    Extra research is not required. The only source allowed in the assignment is Lau’s “More
    and More.”
    Follow the
    recommended essay structure
    on pp. 3-5 of this assignment. Ensure your
    essay has a clear thesis statement in the introduction.
    Your essay should be
    at least two pages long
    , double-spaced, in addition to a cover page
    and a references page. If your essay is shorter than two pages, you will receive a very low
    Submit the assignment checklist and the analytical essay
    in two separate files
    through the
    Dropbox in D2L.
    Use the template in D2L to format your assignment correctly in APA style. (Download


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