Analysis of a magazine or newspaper article

Analysis of a magazine or newspaper article

After reading the Theory of Action in Chapter 2 beginning on page 35, describe the Theory of Action and then present an analysis of a recent news article in terms of

the four points of behavior conceptualized by the Theory of Action: (1) behavior is oriented to the attainment of ends or goals or other anticipated states of affair;

(2) It takes place in situations; (3) It is normatively regulated and (4) It involves expenditure of energy or effort or motivation.  There is an example of a brief

analysis of a case on page 36 – you may follow this model, which begins at the end of the first column, but it is important that you include a richer description than

the example offered on page 36.   You may choose to use a newspaper article, a magazine article, or an article located on the Internet.  (Please note: this theory is

about what causes some behavior to be able to be called ‘action’. Not all behavior is ‘action’.  Your paper will be judged according to the degree to which you

understand the theory.)

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