Analysing Cyberlanguage

write 500 words critique on this readings: Holtgraves, T., & Paul, K. (2013). Texting versus talking: An exploration in telecommunication language. Telematics and Informatics, 30(4), 289-295. doi:

The critique will be structured with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The Introduction should: Introduce the paper you are reviewing (title, author’s name, publication date), Describe the focus or the main argument of the paper, Provide some context of the paper (why was this paper written at this time, have the authors published on this topic before, is this paper a response to another publication, is this a seminal source that has been cited by many other researchers), Give a short overview of what is to follow in the critique.

The Body should contain two components: a Summary and an Evaluation of the paper.
The Summary is usually one paragraph long and supplied with enough information to allow the reader to understand what the key features of the paper, what it covers, and how the research was conducted. In the Summary make sure to: Describe the main argument of the paper, Describe any key points, Describe the research questions, Describe the methodology.

The Evaluation is the key component to the critique. Take a balanced approach, consider both strength and weakness of the paper. In evaluating the paper, considered evaluate: The significance and contribution to the field, The methodology or approach, The argument and use of evidence, The writing style and text structure.

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