An analysis and interpretation of an extract of discourse, with a focus on genre and interpersonal meaning.

Analysis and interpretation of interpersonal meaning in given instance/s of discourse drawing on tools from the system of ‘appraisal’. Your analyses will draw on the theorization and tools of

appraisal that you have been introduced to in lectures, learning notes and, very importantly in your readings.
Note: You must attach all your analyses as appendices to your assignment. AND you are also advised to incorporate excerpts from your analyses into the body of the assignment to illustrate

the points you are making.
Further guidance
Become very familiar with the text(s) you will analyse .
Review key readings on SFL, discourse semantic analyses and on appraisal.
Have these resources handy as you work on your analyses. Many of them contain useful examples of analysis and tables of examples to assist you in making theoretically sound decisions.
Give yourself plenty of time to do the analyses.
In drafting your interpretation you will work from what your analyses, identifying the choices and patterns you have found. You will interpret these in terms of the kinds of meanings they

You will be given some models of the genre ofan analysis and interpretation assignments as a framework to guide your own writing
You will be given further guidance on how to construct an analysis and interpretation paper.
Criteria: To critically deconstruct instances of discourse, demonstrating in the process
a familiarity with the theoretical models introduced in the subject
an ability to apply the tools introduced in the subject in the accurate analysis of texts
an ability to interpret the analyses with reference to the social context
an ability to represent the analysis and interpretation in a clear and comprehensible way.

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