Administrative Assistant interview

Administrative Assistant interview



a. Design a Job Analysis Questionnaire to be used to interview someone holding the job of Administative Assistant. You must also carry out some additional research to find further details of this type of work. (
b. Carry out a Job Analysis interview for the job position to find out the full details of the job, and the type of person needed for the job

? Questionnaire template (Questionnaire template has more than 10 relevant questions total 20 ). Results of interview 2 pages page



Selection Administrative Assistant interview check list. Your checklist should include before, during and after Checklist document showing clearly three stages of the selection process. Each stage includes more than five tasks or processes. You should include some suitable testing of the candidate as well as a job interview. More than one example of skills testing included that is clearly appropriate to this specific job One Page


• Referenced where necessary. Completed interview results shows full answers to all questions. At least three sources of information used for the job analysis interview attached.


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