acdemic essay writing

Hi Kim woods,

Questions:    Research an educational issue from the perspective of a researcher in your own major field. For example, A business or economics major could examine the way an educational institution could be made on the business model. For me, I’m an economic major so I will like to have a thesis about the importance of reaching a educational quality and equality as a form of investing in “human capital” (more like viewing an issue from an economist perspective) 

requirement: The goal of your essay is to inform your readers (your classmates) about one way that your field is connected to education or an educational issue that you choose to focus on. This essay will require you to conduct 3 library research and academic peer review sources (more acedemic)   using the APA research format. The essay should be 4-5 pages and it is going to be on so no plagrize. due tmr 7:50 including a workcite page. thanks.

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