Abnormal Psychology

read all six of the articles listed below. Each article is no more than two pages in length and is written by the same author, Dr. Robert T. London, a psychiatrist with the NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. Dr. London presents his perspective on five different personality and adolescent disorders.

1. “Approaches, perspectives on ADHD”
2. “’Borderline’ label needs a new name”
3. “Treating avoidant personality disorder”
4. “Helping OCPD patients break free”
5. “Treating the dependent personality”
6. “Is decluttering a form of therapy?”

Write a summary of the author’s description of the personality disorders addressed in these articles. Each description should be no more than two paragraphs. Include a table to illustrate the information in the six articles. Discuss the theory perspectives (psychodynamic, learning, family, biological, and sociocultural) the author addresses in the articles. Include in your discussion whether the author uses multiple perspectives or does he lean toward one particular perspective. Explain the treatment approaches used for these disorders. Include in your discussion whether one treatment approach is used in all situations or a variety of treatments and how they were used. In this section, include whether you agree with the treatment approaches used, and what other methods could have been used.


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