Complete the “Instructional Methods, Techniques, and Devices” section and the “Written Reflection, Part 2” section in the Course Plan Template. Apply any updates from instructor feedback to the previous sections. Re-submit the template for your Unit V Project. You will add the remaining parts, and resubmit the entire updated Course Plan Template again in Units VI and VII.

In Chapter 7 Exhibit 7.1, Brockett provides a List of Teaching Techniques for Adults. Select 15 different techniques from this list to include five techniques for teaching each of the following categories: content, skills, attitudes, and values.   

For each technique you choose, write a justification and include research that supports how your selections fulfill the premise of best practice in the context of the audience you will serve. Be sure to cite relevant research to support your choices in designing your instructional techniques for your course plan. 

Written Reflection, Part 2

Referring back to your written reflection in Unit IV as well as your outline based on the micro components of self-directed learning, answer the following questions: 

vHow do the techniques you have chosen align with your course plan? 

vHow will knowing the needs of your learners along with how to use your own talents help guide the effective implementation of the strategies you have chosen? 

Resubmit your Course Plan Template, updated with the “Instructional Methods, Techniques, and Devices” section, including their justifications. In addition to the list of techniques, the write up of your justifications should be at least three complete full pages, and your written reflection should be at least one page in length. Any outside sources used should be cited and referenced in APA format.

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