A Narrative in the Life of Frederick Douglass

Choose one of the promts below and write a 3 page essay. The essay should be double-spaced in MLA format with a works cited page.

1. Throughout the narrative Douglass makes several important points over and over. Review the narrative to find quotes related to these points. Select from ONE of these major points, research the point, and then using your research and evidence from the book, wrtie n essay in which you agree of disagree with Douglass’ opinions.

– the way to enslave someone is to keep them frm all learning

– by encouraging depravity men come tolearn to hate freedom

– white men fear that men of color will steal their jobs if they are educated and learn how to perform the job

2. Review the concept that learning can e a curse. Would Douglass still contend learnng is a curse at the end of the narrative? Is learning ever a curse? In an essay, write an essay in which you answer the above questions using evidence from the book as well as your own experiences or observations.

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