A comprehensive understanding of a client’s presenting problems depends on the use of multiple types ofassessment models. Each model gathers different information based on theoretical perspective and intent. An assessment that focuses on one area alone not only misses vital information that may be helpful in planning an intervention, but may encourage a biased evaluation that could potentially lead you to an inappropriate intervention. When gathering and reviewing a client’s history, sometimes it is easier to focus on the problems and not the positive attributes of the client. In social work, the use of a strengths perspective requires that a client’s strengths, assets, and resources must be identified and utilized. Further, using an empowerment approach in conjunction with a strengths perspective guides the practitioner to work with the client to identify shared goals. You will be asked to consider these approaches and critically analyze the multidisciplinary team’s response to the program case study of Paula Cortez.

For this Assignment, review the program case study of the Cortez fami

  • Utilizing two of the assessment models provided in Chapter 5 of the course text, provide a comprehensive assessment of Paula Cortez.
  • Using the Cowger article, identify at least two areas of strengths in Paula’s case.
  • Analyze the perspectives of two members of the multidisciplinary team, particularly relative to Paula’s pregnancy.
  • Explain which model the social workers appear to be using to make their assessment.
  • Describe the potential for bias when choosing an assessment model and completing an evaluation.
  • Suggest strategies you, as Paula’s social worker, might try to avoid these biases.

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Assessment of Paula Cortez Based on Two Models in Chapter 5

            One of the assessment models applicable to Paula Cortez case is the strength-based model. This model is applicable for this case due to varying reasons. To begin with, Cortez has undergone many issues in her life in the past, which is still evident in her current life. Strength-based model helps to assess the important factors that could be focused on by the practitioner to help improve a client’s goals.  Cortez is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish. Cortez is a college graduate and has painting skills which can help her secure an employment in the future. She can use her drawing and painting skills to make sense of her thoughts about the world around her. Her brain infection has left her paralyzed on the right arm, making it hard for her to continue working, but she has kept on using her other arm to continue her passion for painting. Paula is also receiving support from professionals and have improved her collaboration and making informed decisions in order to achieve the appropriate goals in life.

            Another model applicable to this case is the psychosocial assessment model. Cortez has currently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she is HIV positive, and has Hepatitis C. the client is also faced with the issue of her pregnancy and has to decide whether to give birth or to abort (Cowger, 1994). Therefore, she needs determination to make such critical decisions. She has a feeling fear of her baby’s father, but has received assistance from the social worker to get a restraining order to stop baby father from making unexpected visits and calls and enhance a sense of security. She has a past history of bipolar disorder and reported being non-compliant to medication as a result of which she has been hospitalized for depression and paranoia (Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers, 2013).

Two Strength Areas in Paula’s Case based on Cowger Article             Based on the case, Cortez is still in a position to make good decision given the many challenges she is going through. Cortez is stressed up due to her situation associated with her pregnancy, she is facing an abuse relationship. She is also not having a family structure and has to deal with her HIV status; yet she is able to make good decisions like having another child. Cortez is also demonstrating good interpersonal skills, emotional strength and is able to think rationally and clearly, which meets the need for multidimensional assessment as well as support from external organizations and community

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