A Comparison of Obama and Romney’s Presidential Policies


A Comparison of Obama and Romney’s Presidential Policies

            While President Obama and Romney’s policies bear resemblances, there exists a sharp difference between their manifestos. Obama promises a health initiative which will see children benefit from the health insurance of their parents (Stephenson 22). He calls it Obamacare Initiative. If implemented, the insurance cover of parents will be extended to their children. This initiative has been welcomed with open arms from majority of university and high school students allover America (Stephenson 23).

Romney on the other hand argues that Obama’s health care policy will make citizens over dependent on the government. He asserts that there should be a limit within which the government assists her subjects. He adds that extreme overreliance on the government for health coverage will groom citizens to be lazy. The government, he states will end up taking control over every aspect of citizens’ lives. The result is lack of competition, aggressiveness and death of innovativeness.

While Obama proposes tax cuts for citizens earning low income, Romney is for the idea that there should be no tax cuts to these low income earners (Lindsey 3). His is a system which neither spares the poor from hefty taxation nor the rich from the income levies. Romney’s justification is that reducing taxation on low income earners will lead to the reduction of national income and revenues. But Obama’ substantiation is that it is burdensome for low income earners to bear the brunt of heavy taxation levied on them, as this has the effect of widening the gap between the rich and the poor (Lindsey 3).

From the above observations, there lies a clear distinction between the two presidential candidates’ campaign strategies. But Americans have the final verdict on who should head the most powerful office in the planet.

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