Anybody worked on the What’s A Matter University Database Management project before?

This posting is for my Database Management & Application E-R Diagramming Exam. It’s 2 pages of questions and the paper deals with the“What’s A Matter University” database management incase anybody has worked on this paper in the past. All is expected in the assignment.

  1. All necessary entities identified and appropriately named.
  2. All attributes described for each entity included in the diagram.
  3. Primary key clearly identified for each entity.
  4. Both maximum and minimum cardinality clearly identified
  5. Any many-to-many relationships resolved.
  6. No unnecessary entities or attributes.
  7. Crows feet must be used to complete to questions.

If you know how to do this assignment then feel free to contact me. I could do it maybe but I’m crushed today for a deadline for another assignment so feel free to assist me today. Thank you.

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