for this assignment, please write 2 paragraphs each one 200 words. (   I always got 3 or 4 points out of 5 for the assignment you did before)


Site Name: Seniors Search


Background Information: A search directory exclusively for the over 50 age group.

Site Name: Accessible Journeys

Background Information:  Since 1985, Disability Travel has been designing accessible holidays and escorting groups on vacations exclusively for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends.


Site Name: GrandTravel

Background Information:  Grandparents and grandchildren make outstanding travel companions! On a Grand Travel tour, grandparents participate in the cultural enrichment of their grandchildren’s lives and everyone has a wonderful time.


Site Name: Kids Go Too

Background Information: Kids Go Too provides you with specific and meaningful information on lodging, activities, and restaurants that are perfectly suited to a unique and exciting vacation that is fun and satisfying to every member of the family.


Site Name: Eurocamp

Background Information:  Visit this web site to find out more about self-drive camping holidays in Europe. You can search their campsite and regional databases.



  1. Choose at least two of the web sites indicated above. Describe how they use travel psychology to motivate people to travel who may have barriers to travel.


Site Name:  Open Doors Organization

Background Information:  The Open Doors Organization (ODO) was founded in 2000 for the purpose of creating a society in which all persons with disabilities have the same consumer opportunities as those without. They aspire to teach businesses to succeed in the disability market, while simultaneously empowering the disability community.


  1. What corporate programs are offered?
  2. What community programs are offered?
  3. What youth programs are offered?
            You may choose ANY topic loosely related to human sexuality, sexual orientation, LGBTQ or women’s issues, human reproduction, sexual heath, contraception, labor and delivery, fertility/infertility issues, etc. You should make sure that you can find at least 3 good resources on your topic of choice. You may email me your subject for pre-approval if you feel it may be outside the scope of this course.
I have provided an ESSAY TEMPLATE along with a grading RUBRIC in Blackboard under COURSE DOCUMENTS for your convenience. You may use 12-point font of New Times Roman or Calibri. Paragraphs should be double-spaced and free of spelling and grammatical errors. You should use 1-inch margins and the text should be no less than 1,500 words (about 3 full pages of text). Your essay should be double-spaced and should include a running header that includes the title of your paper along with your name, and page numbers.
Your essay should contain a cover page having the title of your essay along with your full name. Your paper should contain three sections; INTRODUCTION, CRITIQUE, and CONCLUSIONS, along with a cover page (front page) and a references page (back page).
For your introduction, please introduce the reader to the topic you have chosen to write about. Include enough details and facts that a reader with no prior knowledge would be able to understand the subject matter. You should be referencing a text or website at this point, so please include phrases such as, “according to…” or “as presented in…”, to ensure you are not plagiarizing. The introduction should be an overview of the subject or topic. Fine details can be presented in the critique portion of your essay.
In the critique portion of your essay, you should go into more detail about your topic.  Present specific facts and data regarding your topic. If there is statistical data, this would be a good place to present it. For this portion of your paper, think about giving different points of view. Point out any controversies or ethical concerns surrounding your topic. Are there any risks or safety concerns? How does your topic relate to or compare to other topics of this nature? Express your thoughts and/or feelings about the topic. Support your opinions with facts, examples, or statistics. Check other resources and see if there are different methods or approaches.
The conclusion portion of your essay should be a summary or a recap of your paper. No new details should be presented here. Restate the topic and recap opinions in a short summary.
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