Watch the video below and summarize it into at least 3 pages.

OB Skills What is the essence of management?

How do you INFLUENCE someone effectively?

The New World of Work: Complex, ambiguous, changing, diverse, and global

Success requires the SKILLS to react quickly and effectively while working w/ others domestically and internationally w/ new technologies

portfolio: valuable transferable skills carry from job to job

Company Success: What factors best explains a firm’s financial performance?

Firm size, market share, capital intensity, industry return on sales, ability of managers to effectively manage people

Which one is most important?Manager’s ability three times more powerful in explaining than all other factors combine

Modern Work Environment: Entrepreneurial success depends on managerial (social) skills


Job enrichment/empowerment

Self-managed work teams

Hiring for future positions now

Beyond work, OB skills serve you well in life


Attribution Errors

Keys in Managing Perceptions and Attributions in Teams: Be self-aware

Seek a wide range of differing information

Try to see a situation as others would

Be aware of different kinds of schema

Be aware of perceptual distortions

Be aware of self and other impression management

Be aware of attribution theory implications

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