Reflecting on Insights      Throughout this course, you have conducted independent research on a topic related to school-age children and adolescents in a multicultural society. In this Discussion, you will share some of your resources and findings with colleagues and reflect on how your research has deepened your understanding of topics covered in this course. Consider the following:    •What insights have you gained from investigating your research topic? Which resources have been most valuable and/or interesting?   •What myths or assumptions were dispelled for you? Have any of your findings surprised you?   •Have your findings raised any new questions?   •How has your research deepened your knowledge of topics covered in this course?    With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.    By Wednesday:   Post a description of your research topic and at least two to three insights you have gained or additional questions that have been raised as a result of your work so far. Include citations or links for at least two of your resources. In addition, explain how this research has built on or deepened your understanding of topics covered in this course.

My topic covered is Cultural issues, customs, and or challenges face by: Underprivileged/low-income children/adolescents 

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