Choose one of the three speeches, and answer/respond to each of the following questions/prompts below.

1. What was the purpose of this speech?

2. Who was the speaker?  What effect did they, given their history/title/situation, have on the speech itself?

3.  What was the context surrounding the speech (time, occasion, history)?  How was the context significant to the message?

4.  Who was the audience to the speech?  At what points in the speech did the speaker uniquely address their intended audience?

5.  Describe the speakers tone throughout the speech, and the effect their tone had on the speech itself.

(for the following three questions, try to name at least two instances of each)

6. Logos: List some of the more striking instances of logos within the speech, and the effect they had.

7.  Ethos: Name some points where the speaker utilized ethos, and what they were trying to achieve by using that ethos.

8.    Pathos:  Name some points in the speech which most dramatically appealed to the listeners’ emotions.  What emotions did they appeal to, and what was the intended effect of the appeals?

Franklin Roosevelt’s “Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation”

Mary Fisher’s “1992 Republican National Convention Address”

Elie Wiesel’s “Perils of Indifference”

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