PowerPoint Presentation

You are the CIO of an organization. You are briefing new IT employees that are going to be directly under your supervision. Develop a PowerPoint presentation on IT physical security referencing your textbook concerning the many

things you would want your subordinates to be aware of. Your presentation should be no longer than 15 slides and in APA format.

Components of the presentation include the following:

1. Include IT physical security.

2. Be a minimum of 12 slides and a maximum of 15 slides, not including the title or reference slides.

3. Include pictures in your presentation, and use at least two other sources other than your textbook for your presentation information.

4. Include between 5 and 6 abbreviated bullets for each slide – approximately 24-point font.

5. Your presentation should be written in APA style writing with appropriate citations.

6. Include a title slide at the beginning of your presentation and a references slide at the end of your presentation for your resources.

When creating the presentation, craft it in a “business professional” manner with appropriate text proportions, consistent and professional font, and appropriate images to present your information. While some features of PowerPoint may be

“cool” or good at catching attention, it may not be suitable for presenting professional information.

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