The final step in the work for the course is to complete the application development and close out the project. Project closure is not the end of the project; but rather, it is a handoff of responsibility from the project development team to the maintenance and support team.

For this assignment, fix any outstanding defects in the application, and ensure that the project is ready to move into production.

Assignment Details:

  • Summarize the steps that are required for closure of the project, including final release verification and sign-off.
  • Document installation and deployment instructions for the application.
  • Document maintenance instructions.
  • Release candidate of application.
  • Include a zip file of well-documented project code.
  • Include a summary from the group on the overall project experience, lessons learned, and an evaluation of the group’s performance.
  • Zip all contents together in a zip file named “groupname_SWE482_GP5.ZIP.”
  • Submit the file for grading.
  • Each team member needs to submit a PPT (at least 8-12 slides) presentation to present the most important takeaway based on the tasks assigned to him/her.

Also I especially need the PPT 8-12 slides

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