This Assignment assesses the following course outcome:

HN502-1: Describe historical data that promotes advocacy and social change.

In this Assignment you will discuss the role of advocacy and social change when working with culturally diverse clients. Please answer the following:

1. Choose a culturally diverse group (African Americans, Latina/o, Native Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, etc.) for this paper. Briefly discuss the historical background and changing demographics of this group.

2. Choose one social problem related to the group. Explain why you chose this problem and how it has impacted the group.

3. As a Human Services Professional, describe in detail the steps you can take towards advocacy and social change for the social problem you have chosen for this group. What are some ethical challenges you might face as a Human Services Professional when advocating for social change for this group?

4. Discuss how an organization’s Code of Ethics (NOHS, NASW, ACA, APA, etc.) can guide you when addressing the ethical challenge(s).

APA Format with in-text citation and references.  300-500 words

Please and Thank You

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