I need help in answering the following DBP:


In Chapter 12, you were introduced to Jack Lawson from the Creek tribe with over 20 years of experience working with Native People. Jack shared a case of a young man, Joe, who struggled with alcoholism, substance abuse, anger, and destructive thoughts about being Native American. With the help of a program for drug and alcohol abuse that included interventions using the Native People’s traditions, this young man was able to turn his life around.

Using Joe’s scenario, he is placed in an environment that offers no specific services geared towards treating Native People.

Joe is a 25-year-old Native American. He has had a severe alcohol and drug problem since the age of 17. There is a history of alcoholism in his family. Although Joe is Native American, he has very little knowledge about his culture. He has negative views toward Native People as he sees them all as alcoholics and violent due to his upbringing. He is now facing jail time for his alcoholism and is at risk for losing his family and employment. He was court ordered to your alcohol and drug treatment program.

Please answer the following questions:

· What are some of the social problems that impact Native Americans and how will this influence your role of advocate and social change agent for Joe?

· Working with Joe, what steps will you take to advocate that his cultural needs and issues are properly addressed while receiving services? How can you help Joe with self-advocacy?

· Since working with Joe, you have discovered there is a growing population of Native People in your community who need help. As a Human Services Professional, identify ways you can promote change and advocacy in your community to help with addressing the needs of Native Americans including interventions focus on culture and traditions.

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