Text book:  Marketing Management
Author Philip Kotler; Kevin Lane Keller



  1. Please answser “Are brand extensions good or bad? No more than a page answer.


  1. Then write an opinion on the below answer, one paragraph only:


            Are brand extensions good or bad?


A brand extension is actually a key component of any main brand strategy condition.  It can play both roles depending of the extension kind and customer feedback.  Also, other factors could affect. depending of its marketing and the definition of the main brand equity.  Motorola as a main brand started with radios, continuing after with two-way radios.  Then after continue with radio and TV transmitters; using.  After stablishing those brand extensions continue with electronic parts such as vacuum tubes, then transistors and after microcircuits.  Unfortunately, the Motorola brand extension strategy did not work very well during the cell phone era. This brand extension loose reinforces from the main brand but did not damage equity of the main brand.  Motorola had multiple efforts to move to the cell phone era but all of them had being totally unsuccessful.  Lately is being building some satellite phones in effort to move into the cell phone era.  Now companies used their brands as assets, once the main brand has a good root, a brand extension is introduced, as the explained well before. But sometimes companies to leverage their differences and launch new products, sell or discontinue older products due to introduce other products.  These criteria are much seen in electronics when an older part is discontinued and then small companies builds the product at higher price.  Normally this process is called obsolete, but is the part is being used by the customer to rebuild a product or keeping an old product running with old and new parts is called obsolescence.  Not only the definition of brand and brand extensions affect products, this definition affects all aspects stablish friendly relationship with the consumer to obtain proper strategic advantage to create a need regardless of the item.

Politically, nobody could understand why John Ellis “Jeb” Bush Sr., obtained so low score in the Republican Primaries regardless of its great speciation’s.  But unfortunately, the situations happening during the Bush era, affect some voters.  This is an unfortunate case in which the brand affected the brand extension.  The brand equity “Bush era” was used by the opposite counter force to destroy the brand extension in marketing.  The customer believes what is being given to them, the main point is obtain advantage.  Remember the main brand was in the mind of the voters already.

Brand extensions can either be good or bad.  It all depends of various asynchronous ideas, good board of directors, latest market alternatives and the new resources & with reinforced an excellent marketing staff and of course a good deliver product.


Discussion 1;


  1. Write your opinion on the below answer:


Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

I think that marketing creates and satisfy needs of clients. Advertisers must utilize the promoting improvement’s term to create needs. They should figure out how to change in learning, conduct, dispositions, or imagination. At that

point, it causes clients to be motivated to learn and decided on a choice, helps the clients understand the product and experience, or helps the clients to comprehend the item applications and impacts the purchasing behavior. Also, marketing satisfy needs. Marketing makes an exchange for trading the item for a value and along these lines make a satisfaction to the client needs. Marketing depends on distinguishing and satisfying clients’ needs.


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