Create single presentation – PPT with notes for about 25 slides without title, synopsis, bibliography, and/or closing slides.

Subject: Business Network Systems Management – 03478 – Sp22

Book: The-practice-of-system-and-network-administration-volume-1, 3rd-edition,

      Author: Thomas A. LimoncelliChristina J. HoganStrata R. Chalup

Chapter 25 Datacenters Overview; Chapter 26 Running a Datacenter

1. First Write a brief synopsis of the chapter in 1-2 paragraphs for your post 

2. ** you must create a single PowerPoint presentation which summarizes the key points the author makes in the chapter(s). 

** You must also incorporate outside data from your own personal experiences, case studies, outside literature, or some other outside source which helps to illustrate the authors’ points. 

** Make sure that you highlight and cite the outside references to get appropriate credit for them. 

**** Important: Do not simply re-write the authors’ original texts. Summarize and paraphrase what the authors were saying in your own words. 

** The presentation must contain at least 25 content slides with notes 

  (not including the title, synopsis, bibliography, and/or closing slides). 

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