English questions (journal).

I want you to answer all question with all requirment from the file. you have 6 hours from sing in.

After reading through my commentary and Peer Mark feedback, all students should sit down and write a brief reflection (200 words) over the writing process and submission of Paper 1. Some ideas students may consider:


  1. How well do you feel you understood the aims and requirements of the assignment? How did that understand (or lack thereof) impact your final product?
  2. How much time did students spend drafting their essay? How much time did they spend editing and revising their essay before the final submission? If students could go back and change anything about this process, what would they do differently?
  3. How much did students use the suggestions of their peers given through Peer Mark to revise and edit their essay?
  4. What did I identify as strengths in the essay?
  5. What did I identify as weaknesses?
  6. What seems to be the area(s) you need to focus on for our future work?
  7. How prepared do students feel to write our next Rhetorical Analysis at the end of the term, having written one now and seen my grading?



***Students do not have to answer or consider all of the questions above, but should consider enough of them to draft a full journal entry.

***Entries should be clearly written using full sentences and Standard English grammar.

***This assignment is not a forum for students to complain about the assignment, my grading, or the quality of their Peer Mark feedback. Rude, off-topic journal entries will earn zero (0) points.

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