Presidential Speech OR Presidential Artifact Presidential Speech

For this assignment you will write an annotated presidential campaign address. First, you will choose the candidate for whom you wish to write—then research the historical issues and rhetorical style of that candidate. Then, you will write a speech of 750 words for this candidate. Then, you will conclude with a 250 word annotation—an explanation of why you formulated the speech the way you did, explaining in detail the use of certain phrases and explaining the key points you made, placing them in historical context.

Presidential Artifact
Write an analysis of a political “artifact” (a political cartoon, speech, diatribe, song, etc.). Students will choose an artifact and submit a 1000 word analysis of that artifact. The analysis should address the following:
– If the artifact is not something visual that can accompany the essay (for example, a political cartoon), offer a brief description of it – an objective description should not be more than one page of your essay.
– Provide context for the artifact – when/where was it published/performed? Who is the audience? What political event or figure or issue is it addressing?
– Explain why it is politically significant. What issue does it relate to? What commentary is it making?
– What, if any, broader impact did it make? For example, some might argue that Nixon’s lack of TV personality lost him the election. Is that true?


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