2 page journal in 12 hours

Hi I need you guys to write 2 full page journal due in 12 hours 

you have to answer the two questions below from the readings that I attached in 2 pages :

  • How does McLuhan define “medium”? And how does he define “message”?
  • What is McLuhan’s definition of the phrase “the medium is the message”? Do you agree or disagree?

Also maybe the questions below will help ( I’m not sure if they are related to the attachment )

    • Do you agree that the “content of any message is always another medium” (aka that the content of writing is speech, and print the content of the telegraph)? (McLuhan 23-24) Is there really a difference between “content” and “medium”, if “content” is oftentimes another “medium”?
    • What is the difference between “technology” and a “medium” in this text?
    • Do you think the “effect of the movie is not related to its program content”? (McLuhan 32) Can a movie’s effect be completely separate from its content?
    • Do you agree that the content of a medium blinds us to the medium?
    • How do McLuhan’s ideas resonate with the form, content, and/or structure of the films we are discussing this week?
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